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Tuesday-Sunday 9:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M.(Ticket Check before 4:00 P.M.)
Closing Hours: Monday (Excluding New Year's Day,Qing-Ming Festival,International Workers' Day,Children's Day,Dragon Boat Festival,Mid-Autumn Festival,National Statutory Holidarys,Spring Festival )
The plan of shows, activities and explications will be updated monthly. For details, please refer to the announcement at the ticket office.


  • Cosmos Theater

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    The Planetarium is located in the center of Hall A of the Beijing Planetarium. It is the earliest planetarium in China and one of the best dome theaters in the world.To experience astronomical knowledge and explore the mysteries of the universe, the Planetarium of Beijing Planetarium will bring you the most authentic and shocking starry sky experience.

  • Space Theater

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    The Space Theater is the first 3D full dome theater in Mainland China. With 18 meters in diameter and an inclination of 15 degrees, it is equipped with an all-Aluminum full-sky screen and ultra-high resolution immersive technology, which ensures a satisfying and full dome 3D visual effect.
    Its astronomically powerful database and real-time mode makes the 3D visual presentation of the most complex celestial movements possible.
    Let's walk freely in the mysterious universe together!

  • 4D Theater

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    The 4D Theater is located on the 2nd floor of Building B with a seating capacity of 200. Its 3D effect is realized through a special pair of polarized glasses, with additional special effects of splashing water, blowing wind, lightening, padding, etc. These combined special effects make the 4D Theater an ideal place to experience science through exploring nature and the cosmos.

  • 3D Theater

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    Located on the basement one of the B pavilion at the Beijing Planetarium, the 3D theater has 116 seats, and a 12 meter wide and 9 meter high screen.
    The theater adopts the advanced broadcast equipment and the brand-new introduction 4K high-definition popular science program. The picture effect is real and clear. Put on your stereoscopic glasses and you can instantly see a dreamlike three-dimensional world, or a tyrannosaurus rex from the Cretaceous period, an ancient ice giant or a great white shark from the deep sea...
    Dear audience friends, the 3D theatre is ready for you. Please come with us to the three-dimensional world, and experience the thrills and excitement brought to us by the science fiction blockbuster.


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