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Heaven Palace



A newly realized astronomical film in the Spring Festival of 2010, presents Chinese Constellation (asterism), including the three enclosure、four symbolic animals and twenty-eight lunar mansions—which phrases people frequently heard but never know their meanings. The Chinese ancient constellation system is quite different from the 88 constellations defined by the International Astronomy Union. It is a unique system developed through years of observation and reflection of the ancient Chinese, representing all sorts of official titles、characters、implements、buildings、city facilities、palaces and so on. They are all connected and jointly make up an enormous kingdom in the heaven. In the Heaven palace, this huge kingdom will be unfolded with the application of traditional Chinese painting, and enable the audience to go into this star kingdom, explore the landscapes、cities and countries above the sky, and come to understand the imagination of a heaven empire of the ancient people, while appreciating the classical flavor of the tradition fine brushwork.



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