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The Planetarium is located in the center of Hall A of the Beijing Planetarium. It is the earliest planetarium in China and one of the best dome theaters in the world. As the largest flat-horizon astronomical hall in mainland China, the inner diameter of the dome reaches 23 meters, which can accommodate 400 viewers to watch the movie at the same time. Good viewing angle of appreciation experience; the world's first 13.1 channel stereo surround sound system, which can allow each audience to experience a unique surround sound effect. The planetarium uses the latest Zeiss optical planetarium and the projector with the highest resolution, richest colors and best contrast in the world. It can simulate the real natural starry sky, celestial changes, solar system shuttle and universe on the dome screen. Wonderful astronomical pictures such as exploration make the audience feel as if they were on the scene, feeling the splendid and spectacular scene in space.

    To experience astronomical knowledge and explore the mysteries of the universe, the Planetarium of Beijing Planetarium will bring you the most authentic and shocking starry sky experience.

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